leadership for sustainability

 Mind and Heart - Mapping Your Personal Journey Towards Leadership For Sustainability

                                                                By Petra Kuenkel

his book shows how leaders can use life and leadership experience to make a more meaningful contribution to the world.

It leads us into the inner world of leadership that we often tend to deny: the intuitive insight that at the core of our leadership journey is our contribution to the collective evolutionary process. It matters what we do and how we think.

Our leadership journey, in this view, is a process of unearthing our true nature in a spiralling movement, a growing self-expression in a gesture of responsiveness to what needs doing in the world.

What if we all knew the place within that is at home with the universe? What if we all knew how it feels to tend the common, the very force that nurtures all of us?

Building on her own leadership journey and intensive conversations with 14 leaders from eight different countries around the world, Petra Kuenkel shows us how we can reconnect with the deeper theme of our journey and develop our own humanity as a gateway to leadership for sustainability.

In this process lies a promise: the concern for the future of humanity is a consequence of cultivating one’s own humanity. In a globalized and yet endangered world, the individual’s insight and the world’s enlightenment are intrinsically linked.

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